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This month’s model favourite has been chosen by MKMRS member Dan Deathe. Dan has been a member of MKMRS since 2005 and was extremely busy at our recent exhibition so, if you came along, you may well have seen him around.

Dan Deathe


Dan Deathe

Dan has selected the Hornby 4-VEP, modelled in 1980s/1990s Network SouthEast livery as his model favourite. Dan is a fan of modern image modelling and has a wide range of modern locos, DMUs and EMUs which run on his layout. Although the 4-VEP can no longer really be classed as ‘modern’, Dan is keen on EMUs and, modelled in its later life, these units existed well into the post-1994 privatised railway era.

The Hornby model (R2947) is one of their more recent models and was well-received by modellers. It features sprung buffers, extensive interior detail (including the signature ‘V’ luggage racks), working head & tail lights, all-wheel pickups and an illuminated interior.


The BR class 423 entry on Wikipedia states:

“The British Rail Class 423 (or 4Vep) electrical multiple units were built by BR at York Works from 1967 to 1974, although the MBSOs and TSOs of the first 20, 7701-7720, were constructed at Derby Works. They feature manually opening doors next to every seating row and were the last coaching stock built in this pattern for BR. They were mostly found working outer suburban services in South London, and rural services in Kent and Sussex, up to 2005 when they were finally replaced by Electrostar and Desiro units. The fleet had a lifespan of 38 years.”

Following privatisation in 1994, the units were operated by Connex South Eastern, Connex South Central and South West Trains. The units were finally withdrawn in 2005.


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