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This month’s model favourite has been chosen by MKMRS member Tony Winn. Tony joined the club back in 1971/72 and left after a few years, but then rejoined in 1990.

Tony Winn


Tony Winn

Tony has selected the Hornby Live Steam Flying Scotsman. This is one of three Live Steam locomotives owned by Tony that were produced by Hornby – he also owns Silver Link and Mallard. He thinks this one is the best fit with his layout.

Tony first became interested in Live Steam about four years ago and finds it a very enjoyable system to use as it provides realistic drive control via the regulator and reversing gears. Some skill and experience is required to control the locomotive but the result is worthwhile as the loco looks very impressive with a plume of steam coming from its funnel, even making a realistic sound as it runs around Tony’s layout.

Sadly, Hornby ceased production of the Live Steam system a couple of years ago. However, the system has a strong band of supporters and a new OO Live Steam Club has now been established. The OO Live Steam Club is free to join and the group invite volunteers with particular skills to join the committee and help build the club layout and arrange and run local Roadshows.

See for details.

Scratch Built StationBonus favourite…

Tony is also a keen scratch-builder of buildings and rolling stock. He likes to modify proprietary models and has, for example, added working headlights to his Live Steam Flying Scotsman.

The station building (shown right) is one of Tony’s scratch-built buildings which is set to feature on his new layout, Simonburn. The building is based on the former Appleby East station in the Lake District and incorporates some finely detailed work such as guttering and chimney pots made from brass tube cut to replicate the pattern of the real thing.

Details and pictures of the real Appleby East station can be found on the ‘Disused Stations’ website at:


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