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This month’s model favourite has been chosen by MKMRS member Nick Dean. Nick has been a member of MKMRS for several years and is especially interested in OO scale.

Nick Dean


Nick Dean

Nick has selected the Bachmann class 105 DMU in British Rail blue livery. This model has received excellent reviews after being introduced as part of Bachmann’s range of first generation DMUs.

Nick remembers travelling on the class 105 DMUs back in the 1970s when he had to make regular visits to the dentist in Bedford. The units were used on the Bletchley-Bedford services (now known as the Marston Vale line) and which are soon to be upgraded as part of the new East-West Rail service and ‘electric spine’ freight network. Nick recalls the distinctive ‘right away’ buzzer sound used by the guard to inform the driver that it was safe to depart from a station and also remembers the very popular feature shared by most first generation DMUs of the drivers cab blinds being raised so that passengers could get a driver’s eye view of the line ahead.

Nick feels the model is crying out for a sound chip to replicate the buzzer sound and the distinctive engine noise.

The class 105 entry on Wikipedia states:

The British Rail Class 105 diesel multiple units were built by Cravens Ltd. of Sheffield from 1956 to 1959. The class were built with a side profile identical to British Railways Mark 1 carriage stock, using the same doors and windows. None were selected for refurbishment. The last passenger car was withdrawn from service in 1988.

The class has fared very badly in preservation. 51485 and 56121 were preserved by the West Somerset Railway but moved to the East Lancashire Railway in 1997 where they are being restored after asbestos stripping. 56456 is based on the Llangollen Railway, working with a Class 127. The National Railway Museum had intended to preserve 53812 – which had been stripped of asbestos but a lack of space prevented this car and the Class 100 coupled to it from being moved to York and they were vandalised beyond repair at Crewe.


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