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This month’s model favourite has been chosen by MKMRS member Mathew Rainer. Mat has been a member of MKMRS for over 10 years and works mainly on one of our exhibition layouts, Milton Quays.

Mat Rainer with Blue Pullman


Mathew Rainer

Mat has chosen the recently released, and highly acclaimed Blue Pullman from Bachmann. Being one of the team working on Milton Quays, Mat was keen to convert his newly-acquired model to EM gauge. Mat was delighted by the ease with which he was able to achieve this by simply pushing the wheels out on their axles.

The model itself is highly detailed and is, essentially, two ‘half-trains’ joined back to back – each half is powered and can be driven individually if required. It features interior lighting, working table lamps, directional head and tail lamps and highly detailed interiors for all passenger saloons and driving cabs. The model is reported to have sold out at Bachmann already.

The Blue Pullman entry on Wikipedia states:

“The Blue Pullman was a class of luxury train used from 1960 to 1973 by British Railways. The Blue Pullmans were the first Pullman diesel-electric multiple units and inspired the later development of the Inter City 125, which resembles them in having an integral power car at each end of the train. There were two versions: two first-class six-car sets for the London Midland Region (LMR), and three two-class eight-car sets for the Western Region (WR), built by Metro Cammell in Birmingham. They were initially operated by the luxury train operator the Pullman Car Company, which the BTC had recently acquired. Shortly after their introduction, in 1962, Pullman was fully nationalised, and operation of the Blue Pullmans was incorporated into the British Railways network.”

The model is pictured on Milton Quays which is an EM finescale model railway. It is one of the major exhibition layouts owned by MKMRS and is often seen on the exhibition circuit: it is currently booked to appear at the annual Warley show this year on 24 and 25 November.

Blue Pullman in action on Milton Quays, November 2012


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