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This month’s model favourite has been chosen by MKMRS member Geoff Trenholme. Geoff joined MKMRS in the summer of 2008, having decided to try something different after 35 years of modelling aircraft.

Geoff Trenholme


Geoff Trenholme

Geoff has chosen the DJH kit of the 439 class 0-4-4 tank engine used initially on the Caledonian Railway and later passing to the LMS, with some lasting into BR days. Geoff has a passing interest in Scottish railways and finds them especially good for modelling purposes as there is such a variety of scenic interest available – lochs, open countryside and wild, untouched scenescapes. For that reason, Geoff decided to purchase this kit and is part-way through its construction.

The model itself is of a mixed white metal and brass construction. The kit features a cast superstructure with etched coupling rods and chassis and is manufactured by DJH models, requiring a motor/gearbox and wheelset to complete in addition to the kit parts. Geoff is well on the way to finishing the model and has painted the initial base CR blue on the main body.

See the DJH website for further details of the model:


The CR 439 class entry on Wikipedia states:

“The Caledonian Railway 439 Class was a development of earlier Caledonian Railway 0-4-4T locomotives, including the 19 Class and 92 Class, and predecessor of the 431 Class. The 439 Class was introduced by John F. McIntosh in 1900 and a modified version was introduced by William Pickersgill in 1915. Ninety-two engines of the class were built between 1900 and 1925, a few under LMS auspices. Seventy-four Class 439s passed into British Railways ownership in 1948 and they were numbered 55159-55236 (with gaps).”

Apologies for the lack of scenic context for the pictures this month. The photographs were take in our old club rooms shortly before our final move to new premises, so there wasn’t a lot on which to present the engine! Hopefully, we’ll have better pictures in the new year.

A very Happy Christmas to all our readers.


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