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This month’s model favourite is the Bachmann Ivatt 2MT 4-6-0, renumbered and weathered by Steve at Grimy Times and has been chosen by MKMRS member Dave Court who has recently worked on the design, board construction and wiring of our new OO layout.

Dave Court driving


Dave Court at the controls

Dave says:

I was asked what was my best loco that I owned; without any hesitation I said it was my Bachmann Ivatt 2MT 2-6-0 locomotive. Why? Is it the best detailed loco? Is it the best running loco? The answer to both of these was ‘not really’. My reason is that it triggers some very fond memories.

Back in 2011 when I retired after 22 years of service my colleagues bought me some of the most wonderful presents that you could imagine. One of the best was an opportunity for me to fulfil a lifetime ambition to drive a real steam train on the Great Central railway between Loughborough and Leicester. In September 2011 my family and I set off to Loughborough to fulfil this dream.

The locomotive that had been selected for me drive was an Ivatt 2MT number 78019. Another student and I would have the opportunity to drive this wonderful locomotive over 2 runs between Loughborough and Leicester pulling a rake of carriages, which included a newly restored Pullman car for the specific us of our families on the day, so at least they travelled in some luxury.

The sounds and smells of this locomotive will stay with me for a long while to come; it had so many little noises that appear unique to the Ivatt. For example, when you first released the brake the whole loco creaked as if it wants to get on with the job in hand. The heat from the fire was incredible (and it was very hot day as well). The fun and responsibility of driving a monster like this was just incredible and it took a very long time before my smile disappeared.

Following this wonderful experience I purchased my Bachmann Ivatt 2MT 2-6-0 locomotive, I then sent this to Steve at Grimy Times for him to renumber it to 78019 and to lightly weather the loco. I then purchased an ESU loksound DCC chip with the sound for the Ivatt 2MT on it and installed it in the tender of the locomotive. I was absolutely delighted by the sound produced, it even has the creaking sound as it starts off the whole sound produced is so realistic of the real thing it is difficult to comprehend.

Therefore, each time I run this loco on my layout it takes me back to September 2011 when I was driving the real thing and that is why this is my favourite locomotive.


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