The following layouts are confirmed as attending the show.

Scroll down the page from Z to G gauges:

Z Gauge

  • Fryton

    Owner/operator: Graham Jones
    Description: Small hamlet in the Yorkshire Dales with line cut back under Beeching.
    MKMRS/Visiting: Visiting layout


N Gauge

  • NeuNbruckeNbahN

    Owner/operator: David Guscott, Iris Guscott
    Description: Fictitious mountain scene in southern Germany, near Austria and Switzerland.
    MKMRS/Visiting: Visiting layout
  • Bear Falls

    Owner/operator: Bill Ball, Peter Ball
    Description: Canadian and American Railroads, e.g. CP, CN and Via Rail
    MKMRS/Visiting: Club layout
  • Tiny Lane Sidings

    Owner/operator: Christopher Avis
    Description: No space for a layout? Try this: N gauge British ouline set in 1960’s/1970’s built in a box…
    MKMRS/Visiting: Club layout
  • Norgate

    Owner/operator: Tim Page
    Description: Mainline layout set in British rolling countryside in the mid 1930s – early 1960s.
    MKMRS/Visiting: Club layout


09 Narrow Gauge

  • Ditchford Treacle Mine

    Owner/operator: Bruce Farr
    Description: A lighthearted look at narrow gauge industrial railways – treacle ore dispatch to the world!
    MKMRS/Visiting: Visiting layout


TT Gauge

  • Ballyconnell Road

    Owner/operator: Stephen Moor
    Description: Set in 1955 on a far flung outpost of the Great Northern Railway of Ireland.
    MKMRS/Visiting: Visiting layout


HO Scale

  • Boxfile Yard

    Owner/operator: Christopher Avis
    Description: Built in a box file, Tiny Lane Sidings is a USA outline layout set in the 1970’s.
    MKMRS/Visiting: Club layout


OO Scale

  • To Be Announced

    Owner/operator: TBC
    Description: TBC
    MKMRS/Visiting: Visiting layout
  • Thrasher Road

    Owner/operator: Colin Goodenough
    Description: End to end GWR terminus layout.
    MKMRS/Visiting: Visiting layout
  • Tedburn St Mary

    Owner/operator: Dennis Beach
    Description: Set to the West of Exeter in a mainly rural community, the layout is modelled in 1947.
    MKMRS/Visiting: Visiting layout
  • Sodor Junction

    Owner/operator: MKMRS
    Description: OO gauge layout featuring a well-known tank engine…one for the younger visitors.
    MKMRS/Visiting: Club layout
  • Adlestrop

    Owner/operator: Tony Winn
    Description: Country station on a main line in late June, 1930s. Features live steam operation.
    MKMRS/Visiting: Club layout
  • Primatt Junction

    Owner/operator: Dan Deathe, Mark Woodruff
    Description: Modern image layout with various DMUs from early 2000s to present day.
    MKMRS/Visiting: Club layout
  • Deanshanger Central

    Owner/operator: Ken Raans
    Description: Hornby Dublo 3-rail layout
    MKMRS/Visiting: Club layout
  • Hatton Junction

    Owner/operator: John Hatton
    Description: TBA
    MKMRS/Visiting: Club layout
  • Newport Nobby

    Owner/operator: Peter Hyde
    Description: Recently rebuilt end-to-end layout depicting Wolverton to Newport Pagnell branch line.
    MKMRS/Visiting: Club layout
  • Whitehall

    Owner/operator: Roger White
    Description: Hornby Dublo 3-rail layout typical of 1950’s tabletop design. All items 1947-1962/3
    MKMRS/Visiting: Club layout
  • Lower Brightwell

    Owner/operator: Richard Prokop
    Description: DCC layout, using Hornby’s Railmaster software to automate train operation.
    MKMRS/Visiting: Club layout
  • Drive-a-train

    Owner/operator: Ian Bartlett
    Description: OO scale, DCC layout. Drive the train looking ahead through the miniature camera inside the cab; view where you are going on the TV monitor.
    MKMRS/Visiting: Club layout


EM Gauge

  • Milton Quays

    Owner/operator: Chris Lester
    Description: Set somewhere on the south-coast between Southampton and Weymouth during 1955-60.
    MKMRS/Visiting: Club layout


O Gauge

  • Camden Shed

    Owner/operator: George Godfrey, Derek Pike
    Description: Depicts Camden Shed, London, in late LMS/early BR days at the north west end of the depot.
    MKMRS/Visiting: Visiting layout
  • Memory Lines

    Owner/operator:John Forman
    Description: ‘A working display of O gauge tinplate trains to represent the LMS railway as I remember it from the late 1940s’.
    MKMRS/Visiting: Club layout


G Scale

  • Hampton End

    Owner/operator: Dale Gillard
    Description: Depicts a branch line link serving a small village, now in the hands of enthusiasts.
    MKMRS/Visiting: Visiting layout



  • History of Midland Red Buses

    Owner/operator: Roy Finney
    Description: Collection of Midland Red buses in 4mm scale, also includes a small model of modern bus depot.
    MKMRS/Visiting: Visiting
  • Brickville Town Harbour

    Owner/operator: Martin Shenton
    Description: Lego layout featuring a harbour, beach and town. Controlled by PF Lego remote control system.
    MKMRS/Visiting: Club layout

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