Norgate is a main line set in rolling countryside in the 1930s-60s, the location being witness to a wide variety of rolling stock from any of the ‘big four’ in either the pre-Nationalisation or early BR eras.

About the layout

Norgate layout image

Norgate station area

Norgate track diagram - click for PDF

Norgate track diagram – click for PDF

Norgate has a roughly 1.75 mile double track looped figure of eight, and a 1.1 mile single track branch line. There is one through station with three platforms and capacity for ten coach trains with a small goods yard. There are two fiddle yards each with eight tracks from front to back, which can each hold two or three shorter trains if required. The main fiddle yard is on both the figure of eight and the oval, so that three of the tracks are used for running, leaving five for storage.

The second fiddle yard is only on the branch line so has one running track and seven storage tracks. Several of the tracks in the second fiddle yard are eight feet long, to enable us to run some very long trains.

The junctions allow trains to reach any part of the layout, in either direction, and allow operation to be as simple or as complex as you want it to be.

The layout can provide for a variety of passenger and goods traffic and has the capacity to run fifteen coach express trains and fifty wagon coal trains.


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