Sherwood-Wilton is undergoing a radical transformation and closed for reconstruction on September 30, 2011.

Sherwood Wilton image

Class 108 DMU awaits departure from Wilton station

The layout, usually referred to simply as ‘Sherwood’, spanned three separate rooms running through tunnels in the walls to pass from room to room. It also featured mini cameras and a cctv monitor in order that operators could see the entire length of the layout. Club members will testify to the fact that it featured many yards of wiring!

More recently, Sherwood was converted to automatic shuttle operation and proved very popular with visitors to the MKMRS club rooms when open at weekends for visitors to Bletchley Park to enjoy. However, the layout was becoming unreliable and needed major work to bring it up to standard.


Latest news about the project will be posted here:

  • 30/5/12 – Latest update and pictures – track completed
  • 5/2/12 – Latest pictures on Flickr – test train operation
  • 31/1/12 – Track laying mostly completed, dropper wires to be added
  • 4/1/12 – Boards laid, track templates marked out, DCC power bus installed…track laying begun
  • 29/10/11 – Latest pictures on Flickr – rooms redecorated and ready for boards to be laid
  • 19/10/11 – Track plan agreed and drawn
  • 14/10/11 – Existing layout removed and items for re-use stored
  • 1/10/11 – work starts

The Plan

Our new layout will be operated using Digital Command Control (DCC). Specifically, it will feature the Hornby Elite system. Under DCC, we can control trains individually so we can include features such as lights and sound. We can also run under computer control.

Using Hornby’s Railmaster software in conjunction with the Elite system, we will be able to perform complex operations automatically, so express trains, branch line and shunting operations can all be integrated on one layout at the touch of a button. What could be more fitting than computer controlled model railways at Bletchley Park?!

We are aiming to have the new layout operational by January 2012. Keep checking back for details and also follow us on twitter (see link on right of page).

We are very grateful to Hornby for their assistance with this project.

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