August 2010

class=”content2″>Progress report, August 2010

Over the last 2-3 weeks, an enormous effort has been put in by a couple of members, in particular Nick Dean, Jamie Bond and David Lean with much appreciated additional help from others. The following work is now complete:

  • brick piers rebuilt in new position
  • basic baseboard laid as well as the repositioned door for the shed /fiddle yard
  • rubble and general waste has been loaded into a skip for disposal
  • signal ground frame is slowly being dismantled for repositioning nearer the signal inside of the barrier line
  • shed roof and gutters have been cleared out possibly for the first time in ages
  • outdoor lighting is also being updated / replaced where required

Further tasks to complete include:

  • reinstate the barrier line
  • lay the baseboards
  • lay the track
  • wiring
  • run test trains


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