October 2009

Progress report, 27 October 2009

  • the whole garden area has now been declared a construction site and, as a result, any club member in this area should now take care of their own personal safety (i.e. wear safety footwear (steel toe capped shoes), etc. Members of the public are not currently allowed in the garden area unless accompanied by a member.
  • 90% of all track and boards have now been lifted; the track is mostly in good condition and, therefore, should be capable of re-use. The boards, however, are unlikely to be re-used as they are 90% weather damaged.
  • some of the former pillars have been relocated and loosely double-mounted to show roughly where the projected height of the new boards will lay.
  • over the next few weeks the ‘OO’ track and boards will also be lifted; the barrier line can then be re-instated and it should then be possible to partially open an area of the garden for viewing purposes. It is intended to start the tracklaying sometime after the New Year.

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